Paul Crick: ‘How can we grow our capacity to change the culture?’

Paul Crick: ‘How can we grow our capacity to change the culture?’

28 June 2020

We welcomed three new members to the EMCC UK Board this summer. Paul Crick, our new Professional Development Director, introduces himself here, and also see introductions by Claire Davey and Mark Ellery.

I am excited to be able to serve, collaborate and be an integral part of developing and driving the continuing professional development (CPD) agenda with you, the members of EMCC UK.

We all find ourselves in a new place, globally, that only a few months ago we would never have imagined. And we really don’t know what the world will look like in another three to six months from here.

As I take up this fantastic opportunity as Professional Development Director, I’m keen to get us all talking with each other much more. I want to hear your thoughts and opinions on how we can develop and evolve not just our technical competences, but also grow our capacity as coaches, supervisors and mentors to change the culture.

I firmly believe we have a window of opportunity, a unique heritage and collective capability to influence and shape the pace and trajectory of this next cycle of our evolution in our businesses, our institutions and in the wider community.

EMCC UK has a vital role in influencing an important cultural shift, and to that end I suggest we have some really important questions to answer. For example, how will our practice enable individuals, teams, organisations and society to lead us from where we are today and transition to a more human, equitable and prosperous future for all?

I very much look forward to hearing your feedback. Your suggestions will help influence how we shape the content and format of continuing professional development in the coming months.

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