EMCC UK: Moving Forward

EMCC UK: Moving Forward


Earlier this year, we provided all our members with an overview of our strategy and priorities. Now, at the halfway point in the year, it is appropriate to update our membership on the progress made.

Here is a reminder of our strategic priorities:

  • To increase the number of individual and organisational members who are qualified, accredited and follow professional guidelines
  • To enable coaches and mentors to explore and debate societal issues
  • To “horizon scan” and provide a position on emerging technologies and practices
  • To provide an inclusive and supportive community of practice to coaches, mentors, supervisors and volunteers
  • To democratise coaching and mentoring, making it more accessible to all and offering through a diverse range of practitioners
  • To offer practical support to individuals wishing to establish and operate a coaching, mentoring or supervision business, allowing them to maximise support for their clients
  • To ensure both local responsiveness and global reach to leverage the benefits of a global organisation
  • To enhance long-term organisational sustainability through financial stability and operational effectiveness

In support of the above objectives we have:

  • Appointed a Digital Marketing Officer, Shaun Gurmin, to improve our communication and to project manage our new website and member platform due for launch in early 2022
  • Surveyed our members, both individual and organisations, and we are currently reviewing our membership value proposition to ensure that we are providing benefits that our members really want
  • Started the EMCC UK book club with monthly meetings
  • Started the Spotlight Series promoting learning and best practice for Coaching Mentoring and Supervision
  • Established a new forum to discuss coaching technology, providing advice and guidance to members
  • Launched our Mentoring programme as a valuable member service with over 100 members already registered
  • Established regular CPD and networking events for our volunteers
  • Established a highly regarded series of Listening Circles focused on diversity and inclusion
  • Established a series of webinars providing business support (e.g. how to start a coaching business, marketing etc.)
  • Worked with our Global colleagues to create a new membership category for Global organisations that want to establish common practice across multiple countries
  • Invested significant time and resource in improving our operational systems and processes

We will provide our members with an end-of-year summary of progress against our objectives, but in the meantime, please reach out to Mark Ellery, Development Director, for further information.

Photo by Volodymyr Hryshchenko on Unsplash.