Welcoming the four new executive directors of EMCC UK

Welcoming the four new executive directors of EMCC UK

four new directors

23 April 2024

This month, we welcomed four new executive directors on the Board of EMCC UK. Coretta Hine is our new Director for Diversity & Inclusion, taking over from Hande Yaşargil. Dr Benita Mayhead is our new Director for Coaching Practice, taking over from Hannah Butler. Sarah Niblock takes up the newly created role of Director for Marketing & Communications. And David Paice is our new Director for Digital Transformation, the role fulfilled by Ivan Beaumont before he became our new President.

The new directors introduce themselves here.

Coretta Hine

Coretta Hine – ‌As the newly appointed Director for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at EMCC UK, I’m incredibly eager to contribute to the organisation’s future direction. This role is an opportunity to drive meaningful change, fostering an inclusive environment where all members feel valued and empowered. I firmly believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to add value and be valued personally and professionally. What excites me most about being involved in EMCC UK as a director is the potential to champion diversity, equity and inclusion within the coaching community, ultimately shaping a more inclusive and impactful future for our profession.

Benita Mayhead

Benita Mayhead – I am looking forward to picking up the reins and building on the exciting work and achievements Hannah Butler and the many volunteers have been doing in service of our members. We also have dynamic possibilities of elevating EMCC’s profile across organisations and academic establishments and crafting the future of our field through a foundation of research-based and ethical practice. I’m excited about the transformative potential of aiding our EMCC UK members in meaningful ways through continued professional development, knowledge sharing, and supporting our community. I harbour a deep passion for the privileged roles we play as coaches, mentors and supervisors, recognising the ongoing evolution required to continually enhance our impact in our developing field.

Sarah Niblock

Sarah Niblock – My passion is helping great people and organisations to make their bold mark on the world, so I am obviously thrilled to be here working with and for our members – the very best coaches, mentors and supervisors in the business! Here's to widening our reach, growing engagement within our special community, and making a positive impact along the way. I am genuinely honoured to be working among such an impressive team of Directors and our talented staff team.

David Paice

David Paice – As the new Director for Digital Transformation, I hope I can provide leadership and guidance regarding the use of emerging technologies such as AI to help coaches personally and in their coach practice. I’m excited by the prospect of making a contribution as a director of EMCC UK. Being surrounded by brilliant coaches is the perfect environment to help me develop and grow professionally, and I believe that is true for all our members in the community of EMCC UK.