Peter Hawkins webinar on coaching and climate: Sharing the resources

Peter Hawkins webinar on coaching and climate: Sharing the resources

The second webinar in our Coaching and Climate series, with Peter Hawkins, took place on 2 April, attended by coaches from around the world. Peter led the webinar on ‘Moving from eco-curiosity to making a real difference’, and presented the five stages of the inner and outer work we need to do in our coaching practice: moving from eco-curious, to eco-informed, to eco-aware, to eco-engaged, and to eco-active.

We’re sharing the resources of the webinar here. Please see the video above for the full webinar recording, and follow this link for the presentation slides, which Peter has kindly shared with us.

The Coaching and Climate series continues on 4 May with a free webinar with Charly Cox and Zoë Cohen. They will be discussing their paths into becoming more climate conscious, and the factors that motivated them to expand their interest and make climate change the main focus of their lives and work.

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Photo: Marc Thunis/Unsplash