The impact of Brexit on coaching, mentoring and supervision businesses

The impact of Brexit on coaching, mentoring and supervision businesses

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25 January 2021

With the last-minute Brexit deal at the start of the year, many of us who run small businesses have had little time to digest what the implications are for coaches, mentors and supervisors who work outside the UK. There are several areas where business owners may need to pay attention if they are to be compliant with the new arrangements.

Undertaking business in the EU

If you provide services in EU countries, you are advised to check what the trade arrangements are with that country to ensure you are legally compliant. You can do this by completing the following checklist on the website:

Visit Europe from 1 January 2021

In addition, there may be changes to the provision of online services, so we suggest you check the rules in any country where you offer online services.

Data protection

If you share data with the EU or other countries you may need to make changes to how you operate. For example, you might need to amend your contracts. Full details can be found on the website of the Information Commissioner’s Office:

ICO website

Recognition of qualifications

If your work overseas is contingent on recognised qualifications, the picture is unclear, as there is no automatic recognition of qualifications. However, having said that, EMCC accreditations are awarded by EMCC Global, which means there will be no impact on any EMCC accreditation you hold, as they are awarded by a body inside the EU. As regards non-EMCC qualifications, the free trade agreement does provide a framework for ‘mutual recognition’ of professional qualifications.


The Brexit deal involves changes to copyright arrangements. If this is likely to be an area of concern to you, do check the guidance available on the website:

Changes to copyright law from 1 January 2021

We hope this is helpful. We will continue to keep EMCC UK subscription members appraised as a clearer picture emerges. Equally, if any of you have any material which you think may be of help to others, please share it by emailing us.

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