Free downloads and workshops about working virtually

Free downloads and workshops about working virtually

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Christine Thornton has been helping clients to move their team coaches to 100 percent virtual working. We’re grateful to her for sharing some of the resources she’s been using to help leaders and team coaches.

During this global pandemic, everyone needs to do what they can. A meeting of specialists from seven global companies articulated some key principles about their response to the Covid-19 crisis:

1. Help leaders and teams be as courageous, humane, vulnerable, caring and empathetic as they can during this crisis.  Coaching is used to help leaders overcome their own shock so as to be able to help their teams. The aim is to create and retain a caring and psychologically safe work environment.

2. Refocus on teams accomplishing their work in a 100 percent virtual environment, including coaching for the most critical affected teams, just-in-time coaching, and distance micro-learning.

3. Triage–reframe priorities to achieve business goals in the light of the new situation.

I have been helping one of these global companies develop guidance for their team coaches in shifting to 100 percent virtual working. I’m now offering three new free downloads to help leaders and team coaches cope with virtual working. You can download them all here. The second and third pieces should be read after the first piece, because it sets out some differences in face to face and virtual working.

Moving to 100% virtual team meetings in a global pandemic – this first download is for leaders and coaches, with practical tips moving to virtual meetings

Process breaks and process skills tips – this second download is a simple tool for teams to review and improve their dynamics, face to face or virtual.

Team Coaching with people who dominate or who are silent – the third download gives tips on working with dominant or silent group members, face to gace and virtual

If you would like to know more, please contact Christine here.

Christine Thornton is a group analyst, supervisor and organisational consultant, author of the best-selling Group and Team Coaching (2016), and The Art and Science of Working Together (2019). She works with organisational leaders and coaches enabling better understanding of complex unconscious systemic and relationship dynamics.

Photo: Kaitlyn Baker/Unsplash