Coaching for a thriving workplace culture

Coaching for a thriving workplace culture

Business Culture Awards panel

21 February 2024

Sarah Niblock shares how the EMCC UK strategic partnership with the Business Culture Awards helps us raise the profile and champion the importance of coaching, mentoring and supervision for organisations.

The time to invest in coaching is now! That’s the message we will be pushing to hundreds of corporate delegates attending a top people-centred business conference this spring in London. We’re very excited by our strategic partnership with the Business Culture Awards, who have a phenomenal reach with corporates who are committed to bringing out the very best in their employees.

We’ve got a fantastic platform at their Business Culture Connected conference on 9 May, where we will address the entire audience in Ted-X -style from the main stage.

Partnering with the BCA, a mission-led body celebrating the very best working cultures to help employees succeed, affords our members a fantastic opportunity for profile-raising, knowledge transfer and networking with the very people who can commission your services. We would love to see you at the conference – EMCC UK members can get a generous discount on ticket prices.

Later this year, we’ll also be returning to the BCA awards event, where we’re championing the coveted accolade of Best Coaching, Mentoring and Personal Development Initiative.

As a proud EMCC UK volunteer myself, and as a senior executive in the ‘real world’, I cannot overstate the importance of coaching and mentoring for UK firms and non-profits in 2024. In a world where good leadership feels an ever-rarer quality, I hardly need tell you that coaching and mentoring play a pivotal role in shaping the future success of organisations. Our goal is to help more of these organisations realise this, which is exactly why we’ll be working to raise the profile of our industry through our partnership with the BCA.

From unlocking talent potential to fostering leadership excellence and driving innovation, our message to the managers and HR professionals will be that they must embrace EMCC UK as a fundamental pillar of their strategy. With the skills of our members, businesses can not only survive but thrive in an increasingly competitive and uncertain world. The key is to be a values-led organisation, not just in name but in action.

Speaking of organisations, I’ve heard it said often that coaching or mentoring one person benefits another 10 more around them. So, please do encourage your company or employer to join us. We want to radiate our values, our expertise and commitment to best practice as far and wide as possible to make the world a better place. Organisational members of EMCC UK gain access to a wide range of webinars, resources and special interest groups, as well as to organisation-only events, discounted CPD events, and our free mentoring programme. As a bonus, employees can become EMCC UK individual members at a 25% discount.

If more persuasion were needed, well there’s undoubtedly a ‘halo effect’ from being an EMCC UK organisational member. Displaying our logo speaks volumes about a business’s ethics, that they walk the walk, not just talk the talk. As we know since the ‘great resignation’ during the pandemic, reputation has never been more important to existing and potential employees, partners and clients. Happy pitching!

About Sarah Niblock

Sarah Niblock

Professor Sarah Niblock is a journalist, coach, consultant and academic leader whose work focuses on self, culture and ethics. She is volunteering for EMCC UK, managing the British Culture Awards partnership. Sarah’s work has been featured across the globe, including BBC Radio and other major media brands on both sides of the Atlantic.

She is a visiting professor in counselling psychology at York St John University, and is on the advisory boards of the Climate Cares research centre at Imperial College London, and the Research Centre for Arts and Wellbeing at Edge Hill University, UK. She has a master’s degree and PhD (non-medical doctor) and, in 2022, was awarded an honorary doctorate by Edge Hill. As a leader, Sarah has worked in middle and senior management in universities and non-profits for more than 15 years, latterly as a CEO and director.

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