Linda Aspey webinar on coaching and climate: Sharing the resources

Linda Aspey webinar on coaching and climate: Sharing the resources

The fourth webinar in our Coaching and Climate series, with Linda Aspey, took place on 19 June. Linda shared a simple framework for exploring the questions and challenges raised by climate change on a personal and professional level. She invited participants to consider the coach or supervisor’s role, and what it might mean to ‘coach with the earth in mind’, without forcing your perspective onto others.

We’re sharing the resources of the webinar here. Please see the video above for the full webinar recording, and download the presentation PDF here:

Linda Aspey webinar presentation

Linda has advised us that slide 17 in the video of the webinar presentation has an error – a small omission under point 4. Please see the PDF for the full version.

The Coaching and Climate series continues on 1 July with a free webinar with Alison Whybrow. Alison will be introducing us to Regenerative Coaching, which is all about creating a coaching and coaching psychology practice with the Earth in mind.

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Photo by Sandy Millar