Spotlight on higher education

Spotlight on higher education

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29 September 2023

This October, the topic for our monthly EMCC UK Spotlight theme is Higher Education. Sarah Bailey, the EMCC UK Director for Professional Development, guides us through what is on offer.

In this wonderful month of October, I have the pleasure of sharing with you some of the highlights of what you can expect from our Spotlight on higher education. Since the introduction of peer mentoring into higher education, its umbrella has widened, and peer support is now embedded in many pastoral and academic areas. One of these peer mentoring typologies, peer assisted learning, is covered in the podcast with Dr Joe Stevens and me, discussing how pastoral and academic peer mentoring supports students.

We have also collated a list of books on coaching and mentoring topics which may make useful reading for our members who are practitioners connected to or working in higher education, as well as providing useful links to other resources, external organisations and networks.

In continuing the ‘networking and sharing best practice’ theme, our Deputy Director of Professional Development and Higher Education SIG Lead, Tarek Jomaa, has written a blog on the growth and evolution of the Higher Education SIG. We are also planning a special Higher Education SIG webinar, presented by Tarek, for January 2024 on the integration of coaching methodologies within the realm of higher education.

Finally, a reminder to join our Higher Education SIG on 9 November, where we will be debating whether more research or better strategies are needed for influencing and persuading senior leaders in higher education to implement and support coaching and mentoring in their institutions. So, save the date and reserve your spot.

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