Remembering Alison Whybrow

Remembering Alison Whybrow

Alison Whybrow

3 March 2022

We were saddened to learn of the recent passing of Alison Whybrow, who was a cherished member of our EMCC UK community.

Everyone who joined us in 2020 for Alison’s session in our webinar series, Coaching in a Changing Climate, will be aware of her ability to engage a room, hold beautiful spaces and inspire those around her. Alison was co-founder of the Climate Coaching Alliance, and sought to create a coaching practice which keeps the Earth in mind. The challenge of climate change was Alison’s passion, and it has been a privilege for EMCC UK to share her passion with our community.

The insight Alison movingly shared in her webinar remains true: ‘The change doesn’t start out there in the world, but starts in here, where we sit. One of the things we really need to reconnect with is our relationship with Earth, and there’s a real role for us as coaches, psychologists, leadership facilitators and development people.’

Our hearts and compassion are with Alison’s family at this sad time. We realise that she would be keen for us to continue our efforts to support coaching which is climate change aware. To Alison, thank you for your support, commitment and pioneering work in making our planet a better place, and fostering a space in EMCC UK where people can get onboard.

Our Spotlight series on Coaching and Climate Change (in June and December this year) will be dedicated to Alison in recognition of her significant contribution to this critically important issue.

Hannah Butler, on behalf of the EMCC UK community

Please visit this space where Alison’s friends and colleagues have posted messages for her.