Introducing our new Centre for Excellence

Introducing our new Centre for Excellence

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20 December 2022

Hannah Butler, our Director for Coaching Practice, writes:

I’m pleased to announce our new Centre for Excellence, which will be an important part of our community engagement strategy, ensuring that we are engendering a dynamic learning platform for our EMCC UK members and broader stakeholders.

The centre will create and implement comprehensive development programmes, offering our members the ability to access current thinking, research and to be up to date with innovations in our profession and the broader adult learning field.

The centre will include three directorates:

Directorate for Coaching Practice
Directorate for Mentoring Practice
Directorate for Supervision

Launch event

The Centre for Excellence will be holding its first event on 16 January, when we will be introducing and launching the 2023 strategy for coaching practice. The session will outline the purpose of the strategy, and explore how members can get involved and be part of the Centre for Excellence.

Find out more and register here

Volunteer opportunities

We are currently looking for volunteers who would be interested to be involved in the Directorate for Coaching Practice. Under this directorate you can expect to be the creator and curator of content, a member or the advisory group or leader on a specific project, such as a symposium.

Volunteers in this project will actively support the Director of Coaching Practice, will be part of an energetic team and play an exciting role in the advancement of coaching practice.

Find out more about this volunteer opportunity here:

Project Leaders

Looking to the future

In the Directorate for Coaching Practice you can look forward to seeing or being part of:

Our advisory panel – a group of subject matter experts and thought leaders within the UK coaching profession, representing a broad and diverse perspective

Our team of volunteers – who are representative of the coaching profession and community

Our thought leadership programme – which will create and curate content, including blogs, articles, research reviews, bibliographies and reading lists

We look forward to rolling out this new strategy through 2023, with events, resources and opportunities to get involved.

Image: Romain Dancre on Unsplash