Sharing resources through the EMCC UK Knowledge Exchange

Sharing resources through the EMCC UK Knowledge Exchange

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Hannah Butler, our Knowledge Exchange Director, shares news about upcoming activities for 2021, and outlines how EMCC UK members can get involved in sharing resources, knowledge and skills.

EMCC UK’s Knowledge Exchange (KE) may have seemed to be rather quiet recently, but we’ve actually been incredibly busy behind the scenes, developing a strategy and building activities for 2021. Below is an outline of where we are planning to go over the coming months to deliver a fully planned package for KE.

Research team

We have already started to recruit a strong team of dedicated volunteers to bring you the best resources to support your development. Volunteers and sharing play a key role in highlighting the distinction between KE and CPD. In KE we aim to foster the principle of exchange, where the learning is reciprocal, and we work together to share our insight and wisdom. This relies heavily on the work of volunteers.

Our research team (or thinktank) already consists of 20 volunteers who have dedicated their time to developing purpose, objectives, and the beginnings of a strategic path. This path will lead us to bring a broad range of research theory and practice to provoke our best thinking, and develop our own knowledge and skills. If you would like to get involved in our research work, please see below.

Focus subjects for 2021

We have already outlined our focus subjects for the year ahead. With the support of several volunteers, we will be providing a monthly spotlight to bring one focus subject to life. The focus subjects are:

• Covid
• Team coaching
• Health and emotional intelligence (including agility and resilience)
• Business startup and growth
• Conscious leadership

We still need support in this area, and we would love to hear from you if you have a specialism in any of these focus subjects, or if you would like to develop a specialism through working with others. To get involved, please see below.

Book review group

The book review group currently includes nine people, which we are hoping to increase over the year. We are looking for members who are keen readers and would like to be part of our book review strategy. We have already completed our first review, which will be available in January. We are hoping to spotlight one book per month and develop a range of activities to support learning beyond the reading experience. This will be achieved through a range of extended learning activities.

How you can be involved

I would love to hear from you in relation to all our activities. Please contact me if you would like to be part of any aspect of the EMCC UK Knowledge Exchange:

• Research team – If you are interested in research and would like to be part of our research team, please drop me an email and we can chat about how you might like to contribute to the group and be part of KE.

• Focus subjects – If you already have an area of specialism or deep interest and would like to be part of our focus subject areas, then please send me an email. We have a range of voluntary roles that you will be able to fill. If you have time to lead an area or enjoy doing webinars, podcasts, or blogging/vlogging in our specific subject areas, we’d love to hear from you.

• Book review group – If you are a keen reader and would like to be part of this initiative, then please drop me an email. We can get together for a chat and I can explain in more detail.

Thanks – and I look forward to hearing from you.

Photo: Elaine Casap