Contribute to our Spotlight series for 2023

Contribute to our Spotlight series for 2023

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27 October 2022

Hannah Butler, Knowledge Exchange Director of EMCC UK, announces the Spotlight series for 2023, and invites members to contribute ideas and resources to enrich the content of this month-by-month series.

We established the Spotlight series in January 2021 in order ‘to engage members and provide useful opportunities for thought, conversation and reflective space’. Each month, a spotlight is shone on a subject which is especially relevant to coaching, mentoring and supervision. Each month’s Spotlight includes several different kinds of resources, such as webinars, CPD events, podcasts, blog pieces, Book Club meetings and reading lists.

Our 2022 Spotlight series has covered subjects such as coaching and mentoring for children and young people, coaching and climate change, supervision, research, and mentoring for inclusion.

For 2023, we will be looking at the following Spotlight subjects:

January – Building a coaching business
February – Team coaching
March – Coaching psychology
April – Health and wellbeing
May – Career coaching and mentoring
June – Coaching and neurodiversity
July – Supervision
August – Internal coaching 
September – Mentoring
October – Higher Education and coaching
November – Children and young people 
December – Climate change 

We have been increasingly formalising our processes around the Spotlight series to ensure inclusivity, set learning outcomes, ensure that CPD and webinar events are evaluated and that participants have access to CPD certificates, and direct members to EMCC CPD logs to ensure they reflect on their practice following their learning.

Please take a look at 2023 Spotlight subjects above. We would love to hear from members who are excited about one (or more) of our Spotlight subjects and have an idea or a resource worth sharing. If you would like to do that, please email me on the link below, giving a brief outline of your idea or resource, and how you would like to contribute.


Image: Joshua Hanson on Unsplash