Knowledge Exchange enters a new year

Knowledge Exchange enters a new year

2021 in sparkly lights

Hannah Butler, our Knowledge Exchange Director, writes about the latest new initiatives for EMCC UK members.

As always, I have to send a huge appreciation shout out to all our members who are involved in Knowledge Exchange.

Spotlight series – January sees the launch of our Knowledge Exchange Spotlight series. Each month, we’re going to be shining a spotlight on different subjects, including Covid-19 (January), conscious leadership (February), and emotional intelligence (March). January’s focus is on Covid-19, and during the month we’ll be running a number of activities to engage our members and provide useful opportunities for thought and conversation. Follow this link for the Spotlight series, including details about the Covid-19 subject.

A big thank you to Dr Fiona Day, Verity Symcox, Beth McManus and Mark Ellery, who have worked hard to build resources and develop activities to enable us to share our stories and experiences of 2020 through the Covid-19 lens. Look out for social media and website information to see the Spotlight series develop through January.

Book Club – Also launching this month is our new Book Club, where we’ll be reading Ben Dowman’s newly published book, Adventures in Coaching: Unlocking the power of personal and business coaching through a captivating story. We invite all our members to read along with us and take part in our book club in the first week of February. During this session we will use appreciative inquiry as a way of getting to know the book and explore our own insights. Why not join us and build our community through story and appreciation? Read more about the Book Club, and upcoming books, and watch our social media for the date of the February meeting.

Case studies – A virtual appreciation hug goes to Gail Winwood and Mark Ellery for embracing new ways of working and bringing EMCC UK case studies to life. Watch our social media and this website, as we launch an exploration into organisational case studies, using podcasts to interview those immersed in the world of internal coaching and mentoring. The first of these podcasts will be for our Covid-19 spotlight.

Intergenerational coaching – Over the last few months, a group of EMCC UK volunteers and directors has been examining the world of intergenerational coaching. We’ve been looking at how we might begin to explore this space, and asking how our profession can remain relevant and embrace diversity and inclusion. If this is an area of growing curiosity for you, please email me. A big thank you to Jasmine Gill, Billie James, Aston Edwards, Nova Ferguson, Mark Ellery, Paul Crick, Peter Duffell, and Denise Burrows for being involved in this group.

Research – The research group has been working incredibly hard on your behalf over the past few months. They are defining what research means to EMCC UK members and establishing some key areas of research for the year ahead. A huge amount of appreciation goes to this group (which is too big for me to mention every person in it by name) for their patience and collaborative leadership support in establishing a research branch for EMCC UK. If you would like to know more, visit our Research page, or please email me.

Coaching and climate change – Last year Zoë Cohen, Linda Aspey, Alison Whybrow, Charly Cox and Sarah Flynn led us in doing some fresh thinking about coaching and climate change. We’re keeping coaching and climate change firmly in view in 2021 with a new webinar. Reflecting on coaching and climate (on 22 January) will ask: what have we achieved during 2020? How has our practice developed? What have we done – or what might we start doing – to build our future practice? The panel, which will include four of last year’s webinar leaders, will explore these and many other questions. In the words of Sarah Flynn, ‘We need more people on the pitch!’ So please join us on 22 January to continue our conversation into 2021.

Photo: Jude Beck