Coaching and climate webinar 8: sharing the resources

Coaching and climate webinar 8: sharing the resources


Our series of webinars on Coaching and Climate continued with an innovative joint session on coaching and climate change involving several professional bodies. In a unique collaboration, nine leading organisations in coaching, coaching psychology, mentoring and supervision have recently signed a Joint Global Statement on Climate Change. The bodies are AC, AoCS, APAC, APECS, COMENSA, EMCC, IAC, ICF and ICSP. The statement commits us to speak with a collective voice and take collaborative action on the climate and biodiversity crisis.

The webinar, Climate crisis: How can coaching help? was part of our commitment to share discussion, inquiry and reflection on climate issues. It was hosted by Rita Symons, ex-President of EMCC UK, who was joined by Dr Anne Dolly, President of APAC, and Eve Turner, Chair of APECS and co-founder of the Climate Coaching Alliance.

We’re sharing the resources of the webinar here. Please see the video above for the full webinar recording. And follow the link below to download the webinar chat:

Climate crisis: How can coaching help? Chat log

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Photo: Uriel Soberanes