Introducing the EMCC UK Members Book Club

Introducing the EMCC UK Members Book Club

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Hannah Butler, our Knowldege Exchange Director, introduces a new shared reading experience for EMCC UK members, discussing a book per month.

It’s fair to say this year has had its share of ups and downs for many of us. EMCC UK has seen changes to membership, changes to the board, and changes in the way we work. We have had to get to know each other via remote processes and systems, which has felt unusual and challenging.

However, it hasn't been all bad, and there have been many advantages to working remotely. Working in this way has reduced the miles between us and made neighbours of work colleagues in far flung corners of the EMCC UK and Global community. I have had the privilege of taking a virtual journey, travelling the UK, meeting members who would have otherwise been unknown to me.

This period has made many of us reflect on community and being part of something greater than ourselves. Community for me is about sharing, supporting and opening our hearts and minds to growth and what we might achieve together. Over this time you have become a huge part of my EMCC family and worked with me to develop our community. I have enjoyed getting to know many of you and working with some truly amazing people, and so my gratitude goes out to you all.

I know I am not on my own when I say reading is one of my life’s joys. Storytelling and sharing knowledge has been part of my world from birth, and part of our world for millennia. I cannot imagine a world where we no longer share or listen to story and narrative. There’s something powerful that taps into our humanity and our connected psychology. Story shapes who we are and how we show up in this world.

Are you part of the EMCC UK community? If not, maybe now’s the time!

January sees the launch of the EMCC UK Members Book Club. We are not promoting any particular book, but are engaging in a shared reading experience. Together we will read a book per month, and in the first week of the following month we will have a book club conversation about our reading experience and any insights. We invite you all to join the club, read, connect and share in one of our joys.

How does it work?

• Each month we will read a chosen title

• In the first week of the following month, there will be a book club evening where we will hold an appreciative inquiry conversation in relation to the book

• You can register your attendance to the book club via our website

• Members of our reviewing team will meet you in the virtual book club room to facilitate the conversation

• There may be some surprise visitors. Some of the authors are keen to be present and answer your questions about their book

What’s on our bookshelf for the coming months?

JanuaryAdventures in Coaching: Unlocking the power of personal and business coaching through a captivating story, Ben Dowman

FebruaryFour Greatest Coaching Conversations, Jerry Conner, Karim Hirani

MarchMastering Mentoring and Coaching with Emotional Intelligence, Patrick Merlevede Denis Bridoux

Photo: Melanie Deziel