Announcing new resources for 2020

Announcing new resources for 2020


Coaching and how it relates to climate change, the digital world, mental health, and working internally, forms the focus for a series of member resources we’re rolling out over the next few months. Natalia de Estevan-Ubeda, the EMCC UK Knowledge Exchange Director, introduces and explains the thinking behind these creative new resources.

I’m excited to announce a new raft of resources for coaches, mentors and supervisors, which will be launched on the EMCC UK website throughout the coming months. The resources explore some of the most pressing and promising issues in coaching today, and they’re designed to inform, educate, expand our reading and viewing, and open up debate among EMCC UK members.

What will these resources look like? They’ll include a whole variety of content, including book recommendations, video clips, blog pieces, journal articles, resource guides, free webinars, plus details of upcoming face to face CPD sessions and network meetings.

We’re especially keen for EMCC UK members to get involved. You can do that by giving us feedback, and by helping us create the resources. If you’d like to contribute in any way – for example, by recommending a book, sharing your experience, writing a blog post, or sending us details of a video you’ve found helpful – please click the following link to email me directly. I’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback.

Here’s how the new resource topics will unfold during the year:

Coaching and climate change (March)

We launched a great range of coaching and climate change resources in February, and if you haven’t yet seen them, please login and find them here. Most importantly, do register for our free webinar series, Coaching and Climate, which began on 4 March with Zoë Cohen, and continues on 2 April with a webinar by Peter Hawkins on ‘Moving from eco-curiosity to making a real difference’. Find out more and register for the webinar here.

Coaching in a digital world (April)

Increasingly, coaches, mentors and supervisors are moving deeper into the world of digital interaction, using Zoom or Skype to conduct sessions, and using text or WhatsApp messaging as a part of their work. The digital resources we’re launching in April will open up the issues by asking questions such as: What is best practice in working digitally? What can we learn from others who are further ahead of us? How can we demystify the technology? What are the best ways to market our practice via websites and social media?

Mental health and coaching (June)

As mental health moves up the agenda in our culture, and as conferences increasingly include sessions on mental health and coaching, how is the relationship between coaching and therapy changing? The resources we’re launching in June unpick the issues to ask: What ethical framework do we need so we can work safely with clients who are reporting mental health issues? And what training is available to help us as the disciplines of coaching and psychotherapy become closer to each other? We’re looking forward to creating resources with the help of people who are leading in this field.

Internal coaching and supervision (September)

In the run-up to the EMCC Internal Coaching Conference in Brussels in October, we’ll be launching resources specifically intended for internal coaches and supervisors. Working eco-systems are significantly different for those who practice on the inside of organisations, and negotiating boundaries, power dynamics, confidentiality and contracting all raise significant challenges for coaches and supervisors. Our internal coaching and internal supervision resources will address the major issues and offer fresh thinking and reflection.

How can I develop? (November)

Our final set of resources for 2020 open a space where EMCC UK members can take stock at the end of the year. We’ll be reflecting on our preferred ways of developing, and also looking at the many other creative options available which can help us grow and flourish.

If one or more of the above resources is especially relevant to your work, please do get involved and help us shape them. We’d love to hear about resources you think we could include, experiences you might like to share, or questions you want to ask. This is a chance for all of us as EMCC UK members to offer each other the best things we’ve learned, and to help our profession become stronger and more effective.

Photo by Markus Spiske/Unsplash