Guidance on coaching and Coronavirus

Guidance on coaching and Coronavirus

Visualisation of Covid-19

Updated: 19 March 2020 – Please note that Dr Fiona Day has updated the guidance resource to reflect the changing situation, with links to the most reliable sources of information.

The world is facing a potential pandemic of the new respiratory virus, Covid-19. Dr Fiona Day, a former senior public health doctor, and an EMCC UK member and volunteer, has compiled an information resource for us, with the aim of supporting coaches, mentors and supervisors at this challenging time.

View and download the resource here:

Information for coaches, mentors and supervisors about Coronavirus

The purpose of this resource is to direct our members to definitive sources of government information and guidance, help us consider how we can best reduce the spread of infection risk to ourselves, our staff and clients, and ensure business continuity for our practice.

If you would like to share your own solutions for coaching, mentoring and supervision practice during this time, please email us here.

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