Maximising impact: Festival sponsorship

Maximising impact: Festival sponsorship

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30 October 2023

Hannah Butler, our Director for Coaching Practice, writes about the opportunities for sponsorship at Festival 2024.

In today's dynamic landscape, Festival 2024 will foster collaboration, knowledge exchange, and professional growth. Festival sponsorship will play a pivotal role in ensuring the success of this event, and it will enable you to engage with your target audience, elevate your brand presence, and support the knowledge-sharing ecosystem.

Maximizing Impact: Festival Sponsorship offers the potential to create a collaborative scenario for membership, sponsors and EMCC UK. The festival will bring together industry experts, membership and sponsorship to delve into our professional field. It will feature an array of speakers, panel discussions and skills workshops, offering membership time to pause, reflect and learn. And it will offer sponsors a chance to connect and build strong relationships with our thriving community.

If you are interested in connecting and building a festival to remember, then please contact Hannah Butler on [email protected] for details.

Photo: SDI Productions