Welcome to our new Chair of Governors

Welcome to our new Chair of Governors

Wendy Strohm

28 November 2023

Wendy Strohm, who recently became Chair of our Governing Body, introduces herself and the work of the Governors.

My career has been as a consultant in HR and L&D for 30 years, as well as in coaching for 20 years and supervision for 10 years. I have worked in qualification and membership accreditation for a number of professional bodies, including ILM, CIPD and EMCC Global. In the last few years I have been serving in board and committee roles.

Being a Governor Member is extremely important to me – as a volunteer, I can give back to my profession. I enjoy ensuring members’ interests are at the heart of the direction and strategic aims of EMCC UK. As a new Chair of the Governing Body, I am excited about leading the Governors’ involvement in the work of EMCC UK, and offering support as a critical friend to the Executive Board. We have also just welcomed two new Governors: Annabel Poate-Joyner and Paul Watkins. Find the full list of Governors on the Governing Body page.

As Chair, I am aligned to the President and have worked for a couple of months with Rachael Hanley-Browne. I am looking forward to connecting and supporting our new President when they are elected.

I am also aligned to our Director for Professional Development, Sarah Bailey. My consultancy role with EMCC Global is as a Global Accreditation Manager, covering the UK, Ireland, the Middle East and Africa, overseeing quality across all our products: EQA, EIA and ISMCP. I engage with prospective and accredited training providers, as well as organisations and individuals seeking accreditation.  This aligns really well with Sarah’s professional development work, and we are excited about exploring potential new opportunities here.

I am involved in the Higher Education SIG and Neurodiversity SIG, as well as other networks. As a Governing Body we are really keen to engage with members and understand how we can best represent member interests.

In future blog posts, we are planning for each of the Governors to introduce themselves and provide an insight into the work they are doing.

Over the coming months, the Governing Body is planning to broaden our activity to further our engagement with members. The 2024 Festival will be an excellent opportunity for this, as well as our ongoing engagement with the Board, SIGs, Networks and Forums.

We are also looking to provide a regular online open event for any member to connect personally with the Governors as well as to ask questions, raise ideas and to network.

We are always open to hearing feedback from you. Please contact us for a conversation at this email address: [email protected]