10 recommended climate change books

10 recommended climate change books

five climate book covers

30 November 2022

We asked Zoe Cohen and Linda Aspey, who have contributed to our coaching and climate resources, to recommend recently published books they’ve been reading over the past year. Their recommended top 10 books are available here, along with 10 recommended articles (for EMCC UK members) but we’re previewing two of their book choices below.

Ecological and Climate-Conscious Coaching: A Companion Guide to Evolving Coaching Practice, edited By Alison Whybrow, Eve Turner, Josie McLean, Peter Hawkins – describes methods for reframing your work through exploration of a five-stage cycle, moving from eco-curious, eco-informed, and eco-aware, to eco-engaged and eco-active (Nov 2022)

Saving Us: A climate scientist’s case for hope and healing in a divided world, by Katharine Hayhoe – a multilayered look at science, faith, and human psychology, from an icon in her field—recently named chief scientist at The Nature Conservancy (Oct 2022)

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