Hannah Butler: ‘This is a space and time for innovation and shift’

Hannah Butler: ‘This is a space and time for innovation and shift’

Hannah Butler

30 September 2020

We’ve welcomed two new members to the EMCC UK Board in the past few weeks. Hannah Butler, our new Knowledge Exchange Director, introduces herself here, and also see the introduction by Rachael Hanley-Browne, our new Member Engagement Director.

I am thrilled and delighted at the prospect of working with EMCC UK in the role of Director of Knowledge Exchange. In my first two months in post I have had the enormous privilege of speaking to EMCC UK members and volunteers. These meetings have steered a belief that we are all custodians of an amazing opportunity and space within the world of coaching, mentoring, supervision, and organisational development.

Our current climate has left us with many questions and a great deal of uncertainty; however, this has also been a time of optimism and creativity. Many of you will share my passion and belief about the power of our profession and how we can support our own and the wider community through this complex period. For me this is a space and time for innovation and shift; sharing our diversity of thought will enable us to consider our position and thrive.

David Clutterbuck, in Beyond Goals: Effective Strategies for Coaching and Mentoring, wisely asks how we might support people in understanding their purpose. My call to action is to understand our purpose and raise ethical and critical questions to guide our future.

What do we want to contribute?
What do we want to achieve?
What achievement would give us satisfaction?
What is wrong with the status quo?

Collaboration and strong partnerships will be at the heart of Knowledge Exchange; working together we will shape the future of our profession. We will wrestle with the difficult, rumble with our differences and provide a space where we flourish in our collective endeavours. I feel sure your abundant knowledge and wisdom will hold equity with our members and provide learning opportunities for all. I look forward to hearing your response to these principles and being involved in nurturing human capacity and our self-determination for growth.