Professional development news

Professional development news

1 November 2020

Paul Crick, Professional Development Director of EMCC UK, talks about the expansion of the EMCC UK mentoring programme.

Hello everyone, I hope this finds you and those close to you safe and well during these trying times. Like you, we’ve been learning how to use different tools while working remotely and I thought a short video would be something a little different for this month’s newsletter.

There are three things to talk about.

First, the International Internal Coaching Conference held on 8 October was a great success, with over 200 attendees enjoying sessions from Liza Stead.

Secondly, well done to everyone who took part in the 5 October day sprint. It was really inspiring to hear the stories and achievements of the coaches who took part. The accreditation team are now working really hard to get through all the submissions to verify and confirm your outcome. We look forward to sharing lots of good news in the coming month.

Lastly, we are looking to expand the UK mentoring programme. To get the ball rolling, we’re looking for volunteers who are mentors or have recent experience of being mentored. We are designing a new web page for this website to help explain what mentoring is and what the benefits are.

We’re looking for people to shoot a short video and talk about their experience of either being a mentor or being mentored (or both).

For now, if you’d like to take part, all we need from you is a quick email to me to confirm your interest. We’ll then guide you step by step in planning, shooting and sharing your video with us. Your contribution will be edited into a a video of around two minutes, and you’ll then be immortalised on the small screen.

If you’re interested, drop me a brief email and we’ll get in touch.

That’s all for now. Be safe. Be well and take care.