Knowledge Exchange and the Research Think Tank

Knowledge Exchange and the Research Think Tank

People doing desk research

30 September 2020

Hannah Butler, our new Knowledge Exchange Director, writes about the new Research Think Tank, and calls for suggestions for resource topics in coaching and mentoring for the year ahead.

As we prepare for Knowledge Exchange 2021, I think it is fitting to look back over the last year, congratulate and show appreciation to Natalia de Estevan Ubeda for her hard work and achievement, which have given us amazing levels and quality of resourcing at EMCC UK.

Another message of gratitude goes out to all the wonderful people I have met through their offer of volunteering for the Research Think Tank. It has been a huge privilege to meet everyone to date, and I look forward to meeting many more in the coming months. The Think Tank is starting to take shape and the group has started to meet to discuss the types of research that might engage our members, elevate practice and shape the future of coaching, mentoring and supervision.

I am thrilled and delighted to be working on your behalf and invite you to contact me with suggestions of potential areas of research and/or suggestions for hot topics for the year ahead. Please email me here.

Photo: UX Indonesia