The Secret to Unleashing Human Potential

The Secret to Unleashing Human Potential


It is widely acknowledged that mentoring can help individuals unleash their full human potential and it has been at the heart of what we do in EMCC UK.

According to Dr. Lefkowitz, a Nobel Prize winner, “…one of the most important contributors to future success is not where one went to school or trained but rather who one’s mentors were…”

“This is because the truly important determinants of success in most activities are very subtle and can’t be learned from books and classes. Instead, they need to be acquired experientially by working with a mentor whose values and approaches one gradually internalizes.”

The last 18 months have been a torrid time for all of us as we’ve had to learn to adapt to our new circumstances as a result of the pandemic. As we continue to adjust it’s often the case that we don’t have all the answers and speaking with someone who can point you in the right direction or help you anticipate some the pitfalls because of their own experience helps shoulder the burden, reduce anxiety and can accelerate progress.

A mentor can and usually does, transform a life often without the sense of knowing their impact over the course of a life and the difference they made. A simple act or word of kindness can be transformative to others and help create a more compassionate world, through coaching, one person at a time.

Your membership provides FREE access to our mentor matching system, Mentor Net. Here you will find a whole set of guidance and advice on how to find the right mentor for you, how to make the most of a mentoring relationship (either as a mentor or mentee) and how to contract for a mentoring relationship as well.

To find your mentor, simply register your details and outline the specific help you are seeking to be matched with our current cadre of EMCC UK mentors. If you would like to be a mentor to someone else then simply sign up and share the expertise you’re willing to provide to others to help them on their way.

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