EMCC Global extends accreditation Five Day Challenge to UK members

EMCC Global extends accreditation Five Day Challenge to UK members

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EMCC Global is extending its individual accreditation Five Day Challenge to UK members, to support our global-quality, award-accredited training providers and organisations.

This means that leaders, coaches, mentors and supervisors who are seeking individual accreditation (EIA or ESIA) with EMCC can engage in a week-long mentorship programme that gets them ready to submit.

Mentoring to support this process is free, and members who take part will also benefit from a significant reduction in the individual fee, based on training, prior learning and experience. Be prepared for a week of professional dialogue, dynamic inquiry and solidarity – there is as much value in the process as the destination!

Signing up is easy – simply register here – and the Five-Day Challenge is straightforward. You start the process on a Monday, and will be ready to submit on the Friday, spending just an hour or so each day in a group webinar and getting everything sourced and logged for your final submission.

Here are some comments from previous participants in the Five-Day Challenge:

‘What I find new and refreshing is the personal one-one approach, so different these days.’

‘This brings much needed light, structure and forward progress to what I am doing and want to do.’

‘Wonderful to see all these professional people on the same journey.’

‘A great opportunity for take our time, and to be motivated against new things to growing ourselves.’

‘Feeling of encouragement and thankfulness that I am lucky to see this great idea during such heavy time.’

‘Very clear process, with your direction and having this support into the rooms.’

‘From the outside, when I was trying to prepare myself on my own to accomplish this, it looked much more difficult.’

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