Take part in our Internal Coaching special interest group survey

Take part in our Internal Coaching special interest group survey

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21 September 2022

Carrie White, a Senior Practitioner Coach and passionate coach, is interested to find out what appetite there might be for an EMCC UK Internal Coaching special interest group, and has set up a survey to find out. She writes:

I’m a passionate coach and coach supervisor interested in supporting internal coaches to be the best they can be.

After many years of working as an internal coach with an international organisation, I was faced with a dilemma. I wanted to support coaches to be professional, and to provide the right level of support and open access to coaching supervision, but I found that the people in the central learning teams were not equipped to provide this support.

I therefore made it my mission to gain the skills I needed to bring the right level of knowledge and support to develop those internal coaches I worked with. I’m keen to support others who are working in similar roles to mine, so with support from EMCC UK, I am proposing the formation of a Special Interest Group in Internal Coaching.

We’ve set up a short online survey to gauge how much interest there might be in setting up this group. Please take part to let us know about your interest in the group, and to share any initial thoughts. The survey is here:

Internal Coaching Special Interest Group Survey

Anyone can join this initial discussion for free, regardless of their EMCC membership status. However, volunteering as part of the team running the group requires an active EMCC membership – find more information on membership here.

A small fee will apply for non-members wishing to join future sessions as part of the group, and all will be welcome to attend.

The online survey closes on 30 October.

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