The Compassionate Leadership Interview

The Compassionate Leadership Interview

Guests on the Compassionate Interview podcast

The Compassionate Leadership Interview is a podcast series hosted by EMCC accredited Senior Practitioner Chris Whitehead. It provides a human library of leaders for whom compassion is central to their leadership practice. As a coach, Chris finds it useful for personal reference, but also as a source of learning and/or inspiration for his coachees.

It provides an insight into the guest’s leadership journey, and the role played in that by luck, opportunity, and preparation. We explore their personal vision, leadership philosophy, and values.

We listen to their proudest achievements and their direst failures, and what they have learnt from them. They talk about people or events that have inspired them, and they share their self-care regime.

At the end of each podcast the guest provides a short list of recommended resources, such as books, podcasts and videos. Finally, they answer the question ‘What would your advice be to your 20-year-old self?’

Guests include:

Dame Jackie Daniel – Chief Executive of Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Professor Stephen Trzeciak – ITU Physician and Co-Author of Compassionomics

Donna Hall CBE – Chair of Bolton NHS Foundation Trust and former Wigan Chief Executive

Dame Julia Unwin – Chair of the Inquiry into Civil Society Futures and former Joseph Rowntree Foundation Chief Executive

Professor Michael West – of Lancaster University and the King’s Fund

Professor Rob Copeland – Director of the Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre

Tracy Allen – Chief Executive of Derbyshire Community Healthcare Services NHS Foundation Trust

Tony Stacey – Chief Executive of South Yorkshire Housing Association

Hugh Facey OBE – Chairman of Gripple

The podcast is available on the Compassionate Leadership website, and also on Spotify and Apple.