The next Coaching and Climate webinars

The next Coaching and Climate webinars

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Our Coaching and Climate webinar series continues in October and November with three free webinars offering reflection on where we are now, tools and techniques for change, and a collaborative session with several other other professional bodies. 

Tools and techniques for coaching and climate
5 November 2020

This practical session will focus on tools and techniques for change. The webinar comes out of the feedback we received throughout the series, where coaches want to practise how they can work in a climate conscious way with clients. As a result, this will be a ‘supported practice’ webinar whose purpose will be exploring and trying out practical skills in a safe space. Sarah Flynn from the Climate Change Coaches will lead this practical session exploring how we, as coaches, can use tools and techniques in a climate conscious way to support change. Book your place!

Climate crisis: How can coaching help?
13 November

EMCC UK is hosting this innovative joint session on coaching and climate change with several other professional bodies. In a unique collaboration, eight leading professional bodies in coaching, coaching psychology, mentoring and supervision have recently signed a Joint Global Statement on Climate Change. This free webinar on the Statement is part of our commitment to share discussion, inquiry and reflection on climate issues. The webinar will be hosted by Rita Symons, President of EMCC UK, who will be joined by Dr Anne Dolly, President of APAC, and Eve Turner, Chair of APECS and co-founder of the Climate Coaching Alliance. Book your place!

The story so far

When we started planning the Coaching and Climate series almost a year ago, we had a specific purpose in mind. We wanted to raise awareness of climate issues in the global coaching community, and enable coaches, mentors and supervisors to learn, reflect and explore what climate change has to do with coaching.

We started in March with Zoë Cohen’s comprehensive overview of science facts and figures, which helped us understand the context and severity of what we were talking about. Four more webinars then followed with Peter Hawkins, Charly Cox, Linda Aspey and Alison Whybrow covering a wide range of hugely relevant topics. All the recordings and resources from the webinar series can be found here:

Coaching and Climate resources

The next three sessions in September, October and November offer new content and a refreshed approach to the series. We encourage all practitioners to join in. Whether or not you attended the first five webinars, you can now be part of these upcoming three. 

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