We're relaunching our mentoring programme, with opportunities for young professionals!

We're relaunching our mentoring programme, with opportunities for young professionals!

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We’re excited to announce that our mentoring programme, which brings EMCC UK members together to support each other professionally, will be relaunched and revitalised in the next few weeks. The programme will have a new focus on creating opportunities for young professionals, and opening up mentoring to people with diverse expertise and experience.

A unique programme

The programme is the only mentoring scheme offered by a professional UK coaching and supervision body. It enables EMCC UK members to get involved in mentoring, either by volunteering their skills and experience as a mentor, or by requesting someone to mentor them.

Launched in 2016, the programme has developed significantly, with members giving and receiving mentorship after creating professional profiles on MentorNet, the online platform.

The relaunch, which will happen in February, will help more people experience the power of mentoring for themselves. Natalia de Estevan-Ubeda, Knowledge Exchange Director of EMCC UK, says: ‘Getting involved in the mentoring programme, whether as a mentor or as a mentee, is a great way to enhance your membership experience through mutual learning’.

Julie Allen, a mentor with the programme since it began, says the experience has been hugely appreciated by those she has worked with. ‘I’ve found that almost all mentees want to learn about the business aspects of being a self-employed coach, including how to price, market, promote and sell their services. They tell me that this programme is one of the very rare places where they can do this.’

Young, inclusive, diverse

The relaunched mentoring programme is going to be more inclusive and diverse. We’re going to maintain the requirement that mentors should be Senior and Master Practitioners, but at the same time, we’re inviting all EMCC UK members who want to explore being a mentor to get in touch and talk to us about joining the programme, even if you’re not yet a practitioner at the required level.

We’re keen to involve young professionals, and colleagues who have diverse backgrounds and expertise, so please get in tocuh with Jessica Shields, who manages the programme, if you’d like to explore the options.

The programme has always encouraged two-way learning, which makes it highly rewarding for mentors. Julie Allen says: ‘The goals, experiences and questions of my mentees, and their differing backgrounds, specialisms and approaches, also provide rich learning for me. The mentoring process becomes an incredibly fun and rewarding journey of mutual learning and growth, for all involved.’

More details about the revitalised mentoring programme will be available in February.

Photo: Fabrizio Verrecchia on Unsplash