Meet the Governors: Annabel Poate-Joyner

Meet the Governors: Annabel Poate-Joyner

Annabel Poate-Joyner

20 March 2024

Annabel Poate-Joyner, a member of our Governing Body, who has a depth of experience in organisational culture, talks about her involvement with EMCC UK, and why she became a Governor.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m an Executive, Leadership and Team Coach, BPS Consultant Chartered Clinical  and Coaching Psychologist and Registered Approved Professional Practice Supervisor, and EMCC UK Board Governor.

I’ve been in independent clinical and coaching practice for over 25 years, working with specialist teams, senior professional and leaders across many sectors – especially the NHS, the police and even Interpol! I am an organisational culture specialist, and I love getting totally immersed in sorting out really complex cultural and organisational issues, including bullying and harassment.

Why did you become an EMCC UK Governor?

Governance is a really important aspect of all professional bodies. The EMCC Governing Board is there to ensure that the voice and interests of its membership is fully represented, discussed and prioritised in strategic direction and operational decisions. EMCC is at a really exciting stage in its organisational identity, ready to look at the challenge of how to further develop the professional standing of coaches, coaching practice and research, while leveraging the immense benefits of the diversity of its coaches and coaching psychologists.

Why is EMCC UK membership important to you?

EMCC UK is a really good fit for me, as it offers such an interesting range of training, CPD and networking events. This encompasses a wide range of coaches coming together from a breadth of personal and professional backgrounds. I’m excited to see what EMCC UK will achieve over the coming months and years!

Do you have any particular areas of interest in EMCC UK?

I’m already involved in the Team Coaching and Coaching Psychology special interest groups, as well as the Hampshire & Dorset and the London networks, and I’m happy to be there as a Governor too. It’s great to be with other local EMCC members, and as non-members are also welcome, these networks really make EMCC UK accessible to everyone, and our hope is that non-members will join us in the future. I’m fairly new in this role, and I’m enjoying getting round to meet everyone, so please do get in touch with me any time!

What is the Governing body currently working on?

The hot news off the press is that we are setting up Governors' forums, where Governors and members will be able to meet directly to share and discuss members’ views and ideas. Our email addresses are being added to the website so that members can get in touch with us directly.