Providing interview questions in advance

Providing interview questions in advance

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20 October 2023

Siobhan Lynam, our Volunteer Deputy Director for  Diversity and Inclusion, comments on a current diversity and inclusion issue. Add your own comment to this on LinkedIn.

What are the pros and cons of providing interview candidates with the interview questions in advance? Surprisingly there does not appear to be any research into this concept. Nevertheless, it maybe time to discuss this with our clients.

Most jobs require employees to be able to deliberate on an issue or problem and provide a considered response. Therefore, putting candidates under undue stress and then expecting good responses does not make sense.

Karl Rinderknecht wrote an article on this and provided seven reasons why providing interview questions in advance is a good idea. One of which is that it creates a fairer playing field for all candidates, as everyone has the same questions, and not just the internal candidate or the applicant with the ‘right’ connections. It is also a good way to see which candidates have prepared for their interview.

Minoritised groups are more likely to be discriminated against in recruitment, so providing all candidates with interview questions is one small step to reducing bias in recruitment.

Karl also points out that job interviews are a two-way process. If you demonstrate empathy and fairness, a candidate will be more trusting of your organisation. Therefore, a good candidate who appreciates the value of fairness will be more inclined to accept your company’s job offer.

How can coaches encourage this idea with clients who are recruiting?

How can coaches challenge clients who are looking for a job to request the interview questions in advance?

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