Affirmations for inclusive mentors, coaches and supervisors (1)

Affirmations for inclusive mentors, coaches and supervisors (1)

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21 July 2023

Linbert Spencer OBE, the EMCC Global Lead on Inclusion, Diversity, and Equality, introduces a series of posts where he shares suggested affirmations for use by inclusive mentors, coaches, and supervisors.

Over the years, I have experienced affirmations as an extremely powerful way to remain on purpose. Many (many) years ago I was helped to understand that I was always ‘affirming’, through self-talk, telling myself who I was and what I could and couldn't do. But my affirmations were almost always negative: You can't do that! Who do you think you are? That’s impossible, you must be mad! No one will listen to you!

So I decided to take control of my affirmations.   Now, almost all of them are positive, personal and present tense, e.g. ‘I offer new affirmations through the EMCC UK newsletter every month.’

If you want to be an increasingly effective inclusive mentor, coach or supervisor and haven’t used affirmations, give it go. You need not just stick to the ones I’ll be suggesting. Create your own, but stick to the basic rules: make them personal, present tense and positive. Focus on who you want to be, and what you want to do, and not on what you don’t want.

I have found that affirming first thing in the morning, and last thing at night, as well as speaking or writing the affirmation, rather than just thinking it, is a powerful way to move towards being who you want to be, and consistently doing what you want to do. Writing your affirmations (rather than typing them) is a good habit to form.

Before I share the first affirmation, let me give you my definition of inclusive mentoring, coaching and supervising. It is an intentional relationship of influence, the purpose of which is to cause ‘the other’ to consistently experience a sense of inclusion, and which is effected when they feel respected, valued, safe, trusted, and have a sense of belonging.

Affirmation 1 – I am an inclusive mentor/coach/supervisor. I actively manage inclusion. I value diversity. I promote equality and I combat discrimination.

I think of this first affirmation as foundational, and I recommend you use it as the start of all your affirmations.

Affirmation 2 – I know that inclusion is an emotion, and that it is not simply a function of being present or even participating.

I would be very interested in hearing your thoughts about the affirmations as we move through the series.

Linbert Spencer

Linbert Spencer OBE is an EMCC UK Non-Executive Director. He is the EMCC Global Lead on Inclusion, Diversity, and Equality.

Image by Johan Godínez on Unsplash