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Knowledge Exchange Strategic Goals

Knowledge Exchange’s (KE) 2014-17 strategic goals are articulated in EMCC UK’s ‘Back to the Future’ 2014-17 strategy. They are:

– Information Exchange for coaches.

– Information Exchange for mentors.

– Connect with EMCC International’s research work.

Our KE volunteers progress these goals.

These KE goals are interconnected with those of other EMCC UK Directorates e.g. Marketing Communications (improve social media engagement/website), President (create learning innovating community) and Professional Standards (create body of coaching/mentoring good practice). Our EMCC UK members can read our ‘Back to the Future’ strategy by logging in to ‘Members Area’.


Visit KE Resources for thought-provoking perspectives and “exchanges of knowledge”.


Members' Stories
Being a member of EMCC ensures I am able to maintain my accreditation and continued learning and to keep my approach in line with modern thinking – a very positive outcome from my membership.
Chris Roberts