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Knowledge Exchange (KE) Resources

KE currently has a number of exciting projects underway:

At the beginning of the year we set up the new Special Advisors Hub which invites coaching and mentoring academics to review their published papers with our team of academically acclaimed special advisors. The Advisers are currently reviewing research on evaluation of Coaching and Mentoring, to make recommendations for us.

In June 2016 KE Volunteers, Jo Wheatley and Zoe Hawkins, set up a pilot EMCC UK Members Mentoring Scheme. Find out more here.

At our latest Volunteer meeting the team discussed our “go to places”. Those places that we turn to when we need some help in our coaching and mentoring practice – where do you consistently go to for that trusted guidance? To read our suggested list click here.




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As a member for a number of years, I believe membership shows my commitment to the coaching and mentoring profession. Everyone is so helpful and happy to share experiences and ideas. I particularly appreciate the Regional Networks!
Margaret Burnside