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EMCC is focused on setting the standards for coaching and mentoring across Europe. In the UK, our purpose is to define, create and promote best practice for all in mentoring and coaching in the UK.

We are proud of the professional standards that we have developed, which we promote and encourage as best practice through our Code of Ethics, our Competence Framework and other measures of quality.

Our professional standards enable EMCC members to enhance their own professional practice.  They also provide confidence to the buyers of Coaching and Mentoring Services and Coaching and Mentoring Training that they will be engaging individuals and training providers who adhere to the highest standards of professional practice and excellence in delivery – a reassurance that we are sure you will welcome.

EMCC ensures these professional standards in a number of ways.  We provide:

  • a range of professional resources and events to support individuals in maintaining and enhancing their professional status through their membership of the EMCC
  • a route to professional individual accreditation through the European Individual Accreditation (EIA)
  • accreditation of Coaching and Mentoring training programmes through our European Quality Award (EQA)
  • accreditation of Coaching Supervision training programmes through our European Supervision Quality Award (ESQA) and shortly
  • accreditation of Coach Supervisors through the European Supervision Individual Accreditation (ESIA)

We invite you to find out more.  Why not take a moment to look at some of the key downloadable files that we provide to support you in your on-going professional journey.

Members' Stories
Being a member of EMCC ensures I am able to maintain my accreditation and continued learning and to keep my approach in line with modern thinking – a very positive outcome from my membership.
Chris Roberts