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Internal coaches contracting conversation guidance

We have developed guidance on the key ingredients of a good contracting conversation when internal coaches are engaging with their clients.

Part One: roles and responsibilities

The contract provides clarity and agreement about the overall purpose of the coaching, the obligations of the coach, the client and, often, the line manager or ‘sponsor’. The following suggestions  are the sorts of things that could be covered:

  • Coach’s obligations
  • Coaching client’s obligations
  • Line manager/sponsor’s obligations
  • Confidentiality
  • Boundaries
  • Code of Ethics/Complaints process

Part Two: the process

This is how the coach and client plan to work together and also provides an opportunity for the coach to explain their approach to coaching e.g. Is any particular model favoured? Is there a 360 degree feedback tool that the organisation commonly uses which will be deployed? Will any psychometrics be used? This also covers:

  • Three-way meeting with coach, client and client’s line manager/sponsor
  • Coaching approach

The full guidance can be found here.

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