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Guidelines for Supervision

The EMCC Code of Ethics requires that all members have regular supervision.  For the EMCC this is an important feature of an individual’s Continuous Professional Development, so much so that it forms a key requirement of our very own European Individual Accreditation (EIA) process.

Across the professional bodies the competences and standards for supervision are still emerging but we are getting closer to gaining agreement on these.

EMCC is a forerunner on this important area of development.  In 2010 we issued the EMCC Guidelines on Supervision.  In 2013 we piloted and launched our European Supervision Quality Award (ESQA) and in 2014 we will launch the European Supervision Individual Accreditation (ESIA).

As a result of this research and development, in addition to the EMCC Guidelines on Supervision, we can also provide you with the EMCC Supervision Competence Framework.

The EMCC Supervision Competence Framework has seven core competences:

  • Establishing a supervision contract/agreement
  • Managing and maintaining the supervisory process
  • Facilitating learning to ensure enhanced efficacy in mentoring/coaching practice
  • Facilitating effective ethical awareness and sensitivity including boundary management to ensure effective and ethical mentoring/coaching practice
  • Characteristic behaviours required to effectively perform the above activities
  • Supervision and CPD of their own practice
  • Working effectively with groups for group supervision

If you are wanting to know more about Supervision why not download the EMCC Guidelines on Supervision and the EMCC Supervision Competence Framework.

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Stand out benefits of EMCC membership for me are the Coaching Agreement, the excellent networking opportunities that regional events provide, access to the International Journal of Coaching and excellent European links.
Martin Hill