Hear what our mentors and mentees say


What’s the experience of being a mentor or mentee on the Mentoring Programme? Watch the video above to hear comments from those on the programme.

Mentors say...


‘Mentors and mentees benefit together from the mentoring relationship, and learn more about themselves and the coaching profession as they explore the mentee’s goals.’ Julie Allan


‘It is very rewarding working with newly qualified coaches. For me, it’s also about giving back to the coaching community, as I remember the importance of my own mentor.’ Clare Barnett


Mentees say...


‘Being part of the Mentoring Programme gave me unrivalled access to someone who had been there and done it before me. Her insight accelerated my coaching journey.’ Anna Wesson


‘This is a fantastic opportunity to draw on the knowledge of experienced coaches. It helped me to get back into coaching after a break, and explore my future journey as coach.’ Isabell Moore

Photo of David Clutterbuck

‘Mentoring involves listening with empathy, sharing experience and professional friendship, developing insight through reflection, being a sounding board, and giving encouragement.’ David Clutterbuck