Coaching in a changing climate

Coaching in a changing climate

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Natalia de Estevan-Ubeda, the EMCC UK Knowledge Exchange Director, introduces a new set of resources relating to climate change and coaching, including a free webinar series, Coaching in a Changing Climate.

Climate change is increasingly a focus of attention and concern in the news and on social media, in everyday conversation, in business and policy decision-making, and in coaching, mentoring and supervision relationships. As climate concern and action rightly take centre stage, EMCC UK is beginning to see a big increase in activity by fellow coaches and supervisors in this area.

I am therefore delighted to introduce EMCC UK’s new Climate and Coaching resources. The purpose of these resource is to enable practitioners to become more aware of the relevance of this topic for their own practice, and to inform discussion and promote debate among coaches, mentors and supervisors.

The resources include a new webinar series, plus resource pages linking to articles, videos and reports on coaching and climate change.

Free webinar series

From the beginning of March we are offering a new series of free webinars, on Coaching and Climate, as an open CPD resource. The webinars are offered free of charge for all practitioners, including members and non-members of EMCC UK. The five webinars in the series will be led by Zoë Cohen, Peter Hawkins, Charly Cox, Linda Aspey and Alison Whybrow, all of whom are doing significant work in the area of coaching and climate change.

The first webinar takes place on Wednesday 4 March 2020 (the day before Climate Coaching Action Day) from 12.30 to 2.00pm (GMT). It will be led by Zoë Cohen, the Director of Shine Coaching and Consultancy. Zoë is a highly experienced executive coach who has worked with senior leaders and their teams across every sector in the economy.

The webinar, 'Coaching in a Changing Climate: Appreciating the Current Reality', will outline the key messages from climate science, and explore the nine domains of Zoë’s ‘Climate Conscious Coach’ model.

Note: The webinar with Zoë Cohen has now taken place, and we've made available the recording plus the slide presentation. Follow the link to access these resources.

Resource pages

We are also developing a comprehensive set of resource pages for EMCC UK members on science facts, examples of what other professions are doing with this topic and an overview of what other coaches are doing in this area. You can find all the resources by logging in and visiting the Coaching and Climate Change resources page.

We’re mindful that EMCC UK members have their own views, values and inclinations about the subject of climate change and its relevance to coaching. So we’d like to stress that this EMCC UK initiative is a-political and not affiliated to any particular activity. At the same time, we appreciate that this issue is likely to generate lively debate.

Please check out the resources and book your place for the second in our free webinar series, with Peter Hawkins, on 2 April 2020. We encourage you to follow the series to get the most out of these new resources.

Special thanks to Zoë Cohen and all the Coaching and Climate series webinar speakers for their passion and involvement with EMCC UK.

Photo: Adam Śmigielski on Unsplash