Join the first ever UK pilot of Outward Mindset Online for coaches, mentors and supervisors

Join the first ever UK pilot of Outward Mindset Online for coaches, mentors and supervisors

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We are delighted to announce that EMCC UK has been given the opportunity for 10 of our members to to be part of the first ever UK pilot of Outward Mindset Online for coaches, mentors and supervisors. The pilot will be fully funded by EMCC UK in support of our work on Inclusion and Diversity. It will be led by Paul Crick, our Professional Development Director.

Find out more by joining our webinar, Introducing the Outward Mindset, with Alec Grimsley, on 22 June.

About the programme

The Outward Mindset, which was created by the Arbinger Institute, helps people to see in a different way – to see their challenges, conflicts, opportunities, and even their relationships with others differently. Until someone begins to see differently, old problems remain. It is being used by global and UK organisations including IBM, Unilever, NHS, Microsoft, ASOS, Nokia, AstraZeneca, and NASA.

For more information about the Outward Mindset, please follow these links:

Arbinger Institute UK
Preview of Outward Mindset Online
Introductory webinar on 22 June

EMCC UK members selected to join the pilot will gain insight and training into a set of unique tools not readily available to other coaches across Europe. The power of these tools and principles come from their simplicity for coaching clients to grasp, and their power in giving coachees insight into how their mindset and subsequent behaviours are contributing to the very challenges they are facing. This is a great opportunity to gain access to some unique IP.

Eligibility for the pilot

To be eligible to join the pilot, you must be prepared to commit 2.5 hours a week over the course of the 8 week programme. 1.5 hours will be flexible self study using The Outward Mindset Online programme, and 1 hour each week will be to join a discussion group to review that week’s learning. The discussion group will be facilitated by Paul Crick and will take place every Wednesday between 12.30 & 1.30pm, starting on Wednesday 21 July and ending on Wednesday 8 September.

To be part of the pilot you will need to:

• Be a current EMCC UK member 
• Have time to complete 1.5 hours of online learning each week between 12 July and 30 August 2021
• Be available to attend a discussion group with other members of the pilot between 12.30 & 1.30pm, from 21 July to 8 September
• Commit to providing detailed written feedback on your experience and value derived from the programme

How do I apply?

If you are interested in being part of the pilot, please email Paul Crick, Professional Development Director, with your CV and giving two reasons why you want to take part, by 12 noon on Friday 25 June. Inclusion in the pilot will be decided by Paul to ensure we have a good representation of our membership, and a group who are fully committed to feeding back on the programme.

We do appreciate that there are limited spaces on the pilot. If you are not selected this time, our intention is to roll out the programme from the autumn.

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