Meet the Governors: Penny Aspden

Meet the Governors: Penny Aspden

Penny Aspden

24 January 2024

Penny Aspden, a member of our Governing Body, who recently led a small project team in a light touch review of our regional network structure, talks about her involvement with EMCC UK, and why she became a Governor.

Tell us a little about yourself.

As a former HR & OD Director with a retail, manufacturing and not for profit background, I’ve always had a passion for learning, leadership development and culture change. I’ve developed coaching cultures and seen the value created of investing in coach training and coaching provision at all levels.

I’m delighted to now partner with leaders and executives in organisations, through one to one and group coaching, and deliver bespoke OD work. Being a group board member with the Calico Group, a non-profit organisation, which comprises housing and non-charitable businesses, keeps me in touch with developments in the workplace, as well as with good governance.

Why did you become an EMCC UK Governor?

As an active EMCC UK member, a regional network co-ordinator, and with my organisational background, I felt my skillset would be helpful to the Governing body and that it would be an opportunity to learn more about how a professional coaching body works. I enjoy the role and am constantly astounded at how much our many volunteers deliver within EMCC UK, and how effective the small Operations Team are at keeping us on track. I’m a strong advocate of the role of engagement, and enjoy supporting networks and special interest groups (SIGs), and providing member perspectives in terms of feedback at Governor meetings.

Being a Governor Member, playing a part and giving back to the coaching profession I love, is a great privilege and source of satisfaction.

Why is EMCC UK membership important to you?

I see it as a one-stop shop where I can access a local community of coaches and mentors, undergo accreditation, and receive peer coaching and CPD via EMCC UK’s extensive offering. And I am really looking forward to the Festival in April! Moving into the freelance space, EMCC UK and its membership has been an invaluable source of support and encouragement for me. I find it a great place to collaborate and build new connections to stimulate new thinking.

Do you have any particular areas of interest in EMCC UK?

As one of two regional network co-ordinators for the north-west region, I enjoy staying close to members, listening to their challenges and interests, and identifying how we can support them. I support the Scottish network and will shortly link in with the Yorkshire network. I also support the Mentoring SIG and look forward to getting more involved this year. I regularly attend the Coaching Psychology SIG too.

In 2023, I led a small project team in a light touch review of the EMCC UK network structure. It was reassuring to receive overwhelming support from members and regional co-ordinators about their value. We received ideas and suggestions to make the networks even better, and we will be introducing a few changes during the year. If you missed the update, you can read it here: Celebrating our regional networks. This is one example of how we, as Governors, are seeking to respond to member feedback.

What is the Governing body currently working on?

In 2024, members of the Governing body will be linking in with a Board member to build stronger ties between the two. I am looking forward to how these conversations will enrich all our roles and increase our wider understanding of the great work that is happening in EMCC UK.

This year a couple of Governor members will host informal drop-in sessions, every few months. This will create a new channel for members to keep in touch with us and share their experiences. Watch out for details and dates coming soon.

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