Seeking five new voluntary executive directors

Seeking five new voluntary executive directors

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15 July 2022

Rachael Hanley-Browne, President of EMCC UK writes:

I am excited to share five new voluntary executive director roles on the board of EMCC UK. We are at the beginning of an organisational change strategy that will enable us to engage more effectively with our membership, and with the buyers of coaching and mentoring. We intend to work in new and exciting ways.

If you are looking for your first executive board role to develop your strategic awareness, and sharpen your decision making or critical thinking, this could be a valuable opportunity. Or you may be a seasoned leader who cares about the future of our profession and wants to make an active contribution to its development.

For the practice leads (mentoring, coaching and supervision) we are seeking subject matter experts who will share with our members your depth of knowledge and expertise, but also seek out and shine a light on emerging thought leaders, and help us to build vibrant communities within your specialisms. Find these roles here:

Director of Mentoring Practice
Director of Coaching Practice
Director of Supervision Practice

Our two new business roles will help us make the leap to becoming a fully digitally enabled membership organisation. The Digital Director and Vice President roles are centred on technical expertise and business capability, and you need not be working as a professional coach or mentor. Find these roles here:

Vice President
Director of Digital

The time commitment is eight hours a week, which you can fit around your business or work. You will also contribute to six half-day board meetings per annum.

The EMCC UK board is composed of fascinating people from a variety of professions, sectors, and life journeys. We enjoy great conversations, stretch each other’s thinking, make things happen and learn together.

Come and join us?

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